How did we win the SPE scholarship? - Keep motivation during challenging time!


Two stories from students who are close friends of Advanced Program K6 in Chemical Engineering at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Dang Thi Ngoc Thuy & Pham Thi Huyen.

We would like to exxpress sincere thanks to the Advanced Program in Chemical Engineering and SPE HUMG Student Chapter. There, we found our true friendships and we have an opportunity to build up the lay groundwork for successful careers. Having gained both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, we are confident to take on a greater leadership in multitude of sectors. After winning the SPE Scholarship Award, we would like to make useful contribution to the community to promote the future candidates.


Huyen and I first met in Advanced Program K6 chemical engineering class. Our friendship gradually developed and we quickly became close friends. We have become qualified to be on the list of top 1% group A students; futhermore, we have won SPE scholarship together by endless efforts.

I believe that an average student is actually able to beat applicants who have higher GPA to win the scholarship. It is obvious that academic achievement is a bonus; however, success in life is more than just a high GPA. Therefore, I would say that you should not limit yourself and be confident to apply for the scholarship.

An average student is actually able to achieve amazing results based on drive and determination and reach outcomes that can exceed those of students that have purely focused on GPA as a single dimension of measurement of success. A person with vast life experiences can deliver on real world challenges, which no book can provide knowledge with. Apart from good academic results, other outstanding qualifications such as personal characters, community involvement, may give us a tremendous advantage to deserve the reward. At very early time at university, we focused not only on academic but also social activities. As a result of spending time on extracurricular activities in SPE organization, my good qualities such as leadership and public speaking have been enormously enhanced.

In order to win the SPE Scholarship, you have to get not only good academic result and active community involvement but also proficiency in English. Learning the major in English everyday in the Advanced Program and networking with global organizations and companies can give you a good start in the competition.  

Pic 1. Receiving Scholarship Award from Society of Petroleum Engineers


Nothing will change changes if you don’t take action!

When I was a freshman, I thought that I was nobody and I was worthless. Those horrible thoughts kept playing in my head like a broken record, which was exactly what I was experiencing.  Becoming a member of SPE is one of the most important milestones in my life, which has changed my thought until now.

Life is not promising at all!

Have you ever been so stressed about something that you completely lost yourself? I did! I used to think that my tiny body was a serious trouble, which is, in fact, true in considering the high requirements of engineering occupation. With the negative thoughts, I had to struggle to find out the motivation. During the first year, I deeply stayed in the feelings of worthlessness until one of my friends in the Advance Program class encouraged me to take part in SPE HUMG Student Chapter.

Honestly, at the first time, it was so difficult for me to integrate into a new environment. Thanks to the enthusiastic helps of senior members, everything became easier. Day after day, I took responsibility for writing reports, designing posters and other light tasks. I became aware of my interest in my major.

As a result of successful completion of tasks, I was making SPE HUMG Student Chapter more popular on social media. At that moment, I realized that I was a more valuable person. My energy and my enthusiasm were more powerful than I knew. Furthermore, with my worthwhile ideas contributed to the chapter that were carried out and got good results, once again I discovered my potential creativeness. Based on these factors, until now I have my own specific career path.

Thanks to SPE HUMG Student Chapter and the Advanced Program in Chemical Engineering at HUMG, we have new faithful friends, valuable knowledge, more confidence and more creativeness. With our experiences, we want to spread out the positive thoughts and belief that our lives are not predetermined but rather a journey that each individual must experience for himself. Grasp the chance and change your life!

                                 Dang Thi Ngoc Thuy & Pham Thị Huyen – Students of Advanced Program HUMG – K6